Introducing Wyoming's Own

Wyoming’s Own is an independent expenditure committee created to elect candidates dedicated to preserving our state’s frontier lifestyle, to represent our independent values, and protect us from an over burdensome and intrusive federal government. We are, by law, independent of the candidates we support.

Wyoming’s Own endorses Senator Mike Enzi’s re-election. Along with Senator Barrasso and Representative Lummis, Wyoming has one of the strongest state delegations in Congress. This seniority and strength helps protect the great state of Wyoming from an overzealous federal government and an EPA that wants to control from Washington how we live, work, and recreate.

Senator Enzi is a solid conservative and former small businessman who has fought his whole life to reduce the size of government, balance the budget, keep our tax dollars in our wallets, promote Wyoming’s economy, and protect our seniors and veterans.

Campaign finance rules have changed a great deal over the past three years as the Supreme Court has significantly expanded free speech rights. The new laws allow both individuals and corporations to make unlimited contributions directly to independent expenditure groups, like Wyoming’s Own, that advocate for the election of federal candidates.

Please join us in this important cause to re-elect Senator Enzi by visiting our contribution page to support our efforts. Thank you.